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YUNGBLUD Is Coming To Record Stores (Literally)

Before the release of his third album, “Yungblud,” UK’s favorite pop punk announced a mini record store tour. With 5-Gum, the singer will perform at US record stores, do signings, and give “all the cuddles.”

The “American as f*** record store tour” will consist of nine cities over five days. YUNGBLUD had a year full of single releases and shows gearing up for his third album, out tomorrow, 9/2, the same day of the first tour date.

Before the release of his third album “Yungblud,” UK’s favorite pop punk announced a mini record store tour.
via Instagram @yungblud

 What we know about YUNGBLUD’s third album?

The single releases for the third album is the sulky lead “The Funeral,” the WILLOW collaboration “Memories,” “Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today,” “The Emperor,” and now “Tissues.” The full review of “Tissues” by YUNGBLUD will over on our Drops page for our “New Music Monday” feature.

Regarding the album’s first single, Spin writes, “The first taste of Yungblud was “The Funeral,” a Billy Idol-meets-My Chemical Romance circa “Teenagers” rowdy time with lyrics that stack hypocrisies atop one another, a pulled-straight-from-the-minds-of-the-Gallaghers chorus, and a music video starring Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

The album, the artist says, will be about him and how his upbringing shaped him. From his abusive childhood and bankruptcy, to grandparents who fought depression and alcoholism, his life has not been easy. YUNGBLUD says, “I grew up in a war zone my whole life — that’s what my therapist says. I think it’s the way I can handle this career, because when I ain’t in a battle, I’m frightened. When I’m not fighting, I’m scared. When I’m at peace, I’m frightened to death.”

Performances and Tours

In support of his third album, “YUNGBLUD,” the artist has taken the stage in many countries and their festivals including France and Japan. 
via Instagram @yungblud

In support of his third album, “Yungblud,” the artist took the stage in many countries and festivals, including France and Japan.

He is to perform three shows in one night on September 8 on the Sunset Strip in LA called “YUNGBLUD: Occupy The Strip” with Amazon Music on Twitch.

Finally, he announced his new “YUNGBLUD” world tour from October 2022 to March 2022. He will bring on Neck Deep for UK performances only!


Are you excited about YUNGBLUD’s upcoming performances? Let us know in the comments!

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