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Your Voice Is Power Music Remix Competition Gives Both Students and Teachers A Moment to Shine

Early this year, American singer-songwriter, musician, record producer and film producer Pharrell Williams collaborated with research center Georgia Tech and commercial colossus Amazon. Together, they created the program “Your Voice Is Power Music Remix Competition“. In this competition, students first learn entrepreneurship, computer science, and social justice by remixing songs. The young artists compete to win prizes. Currently the competition is on for the second round of competition.

The winners of the lastest edition of the program were announced in late August. They are Beyuti Burrows, Jasmine Jenkinson, Samuel Kuran, Diego Martinez and Eryon Panier. The winners earned a $5,000 scholarship or a grant to start a business.

There are also prizes are for the teachers. In fact, some of them received a $1,000 cash award. The prize of Your Voice Is Power represents a recognition for their work in this program. These teachers are Anastassia Gritsenko, Lanetha Jefferson, Darryl Newhouse. Turner Ruetz and Amy Wozniak.

Learning centres, middle schools, high schools and college from all over the country sponsored all the prizes. Some of these include the Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago, Illinois and the Martha Ellen Stillwell School of the Arts in Jonesboro, Georgia.

“Your Voice Is Power Music Remix Competition” Fall Edition

“Your Voice Is Power Music Remix Competition” has recently began its fall edition. In fact, students have the possibility to remix Pharrell Williams’ song Entrepreneur in order to win the final prize. The program, unfortunately, is open only in Canada. It is be able for both in-person and online classes in both English and French. Moreover, to be able to join the competition, students have to be at least 13 years old. Teachers participate as well in this round.

The official timeline presented on the official site of the competition shows that it opened on October 4, 2021 and it will go on until December 17, 2021, when it will be officially closed. Producers will announce the fall edition’s winners in January of the next year.

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