Bully Drops “Just For Love”

Indie Rock solo artist, Bully just drops her new track “Just For Love” on December 6th and is one of our Music Daily Discoveries. In this song, she creates a unique sound which is why Bully intrigues us.

Bully Drops “Just For Love” and Its Vibe

Bully’s real name is Alicia Bognanno. However, she gave her solo project the name, Bully in 2013 in Nashville. The 29 year old has been making music ever since then. One of her newest drops “Just For Love” gives off No Doubt inspiration vibes. Her voice is similar sounding to Gwen Stefani’s.

Unfortunately, much of the lyrics part on this track are hard to decipher. So, there isn’t much to say about as of right now. Nevertheless, her tone and the sounds seem like she is trying to communicate with someone. Her emotions sound frustrated, but like she’s being assertive in this situation she sings about. Maybe she feels like she has been done by this person she may be singing to. Perhaps, this could be a women empowerment message? Regardless, Bully doesn’t disappoint as a rockstar when it comes to her sound.


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