X Ambassadors Released Their New Album “The Beautiful Liar”

X Ambassadors my own monster

At the end of September,  X Ambassadors released their album “The Beautiful Liar” along with a music video for the song “Beautiful Liar.”

X Ambassadors are an American indie rock band originally from Ithaca and active since 2009. The group was born on the initiative of brothers Sam and Casey Harris together with their childhood friend Noah Feldshuh. Adam Levin joined the band on percussion. Feldshun then left the band.

“My Own Monster,” “Okay” and “Adrenaline,” respectively released in June, July and August are the three singles X Ambassadors released off their album “The Beautiful Liar.”

Their new album “Beautiful Liar” has 16 tracks which is divided into two different chapters. Every chapters begins with a track that introduces the songs through the format of a book audio. Theses two audio tracks are “The Sleeping Giant” and “Enter The Shadow.” As a result, the album appears as a narration of the band’s symbolic journey.

The Album is a personal “representation of the members’ brains”

On the band’s Instagram profile, Sam Harris said: “For the The Beautiful Liar I wanted to make an album that felt as unhinged as I did, and as the whole world felt around me. So Adam, Casey and I carved ourselves a space where we could all be as ugly, weird, funny, and fucked up as we wanted to be. We made the whole album unequivocally ours. […] It is, I think, the most accurate representation of my brain.”

“Honestly, I’m still struggling with the idea of letting go and surrendering to the chaos of my life. […] I hope this album freaks you out, makes you cry, makes you laugh, and makes you feel a little less alone,” added Harris.

X Ambassadors’ new project and dates for “The Beautiful Liar Tour” 

Above all, X Ambassadors is working on a project to “give a voice to (several) incredible artists that people may not have heard yet, and really let their imagination be at the forefront of everything,” Sam Harris said. The project began in January, 2021 with the release of the single “ultraviolet.tragedies,” featuring Terrell Hines.

X Ambassadors’s tour kicks off on October, 15th in San Diego, CA! “The Beautiful Liar Tour” offers almost 40 dates around North America and Europe. The band will perform their songs continue until the end of May, 2022. Click here to see all the opportunities to see them live!


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