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X Ambassadors Unleash “My Own Monster”

X Ambassadors are back with the first puzzle piece of their forthcoming album The Beautiful Liar. This time, they unveiled their new track “My Own Monster.”

“My Own Monster” Sets the Stage for The Beautiful Liar

“My Own Monster” arrives as the lead single for their forthcoming album, set to arrive later this year in October. The song was produced by Andrew Wells (Young the Giant, Halsey, Fitz and the Tantrums.)

The track talks about the insecurities we all have and build up inside ourselves. At the end of the day, those insecurities start to become stronger, and thus, they become real-life “monsters” that we have to fight. “Something dangerous is waking up inside of me. “It’s been creeping its way into my psychology. Keeping me up all night, this voice inside it tortures me. But it’s slowly starting to pique my curiosity,” they start off the song.

The Music Video Was Two Years in the Making

The black & white music video for the song is an incredible visual that brings the lyrics to life marvelously. X Ambassadors’ frontman Sam Nelson Harris stars in it, and he sets an introductory theme for his inner demon, his own monster. Later on, the monster comes out of him and becomes his best friend, making him stronger. 

“The idea for this video came to me in a dream a couple of years ago and now it’s come to life,” says Harris. “The video feels playful and dangerous and kind of unhinged all at once, which is how I felt while making this record and video.”

He also started a thread on Twitter fully explaining how the concept started and how it became a reality. “This video has been 2 YEARS in the making. From conception to execution. We tried making it at the end of 2019… it fell apart. We tried again in 2020… it fell apart. Then everyone was starting to get impatient and I was really starting to think this idea was never gonna work out.”

He added, “I busted my a** working on this choreo. I wish I could say all my college and high school musical theater dancing came flooding back to me but… yea, I really had to work. But it was worth it. Thank you Genna Moroni for being a b*d*ss and making me feel confident.”

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