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Who’s Young Miko: The New Queen of Latin Trap

What’s so special about Puerto Rican rapper Young Miko? The artist from Añasco has caught everyone’s attention lately. However, the mainstream public may have forgotten that she’s been musically active since 2017. 

She was just a SoundCloud thing at first, but after only 4 years from the beginning, she was noticed by producer Caleb Calloway. Calloway has worked with the biggest names in the industry, including Bad Bunny &  J Balvin. From this union came “105 Freestyle” and, most importantly, the worldwide success one year later. 

Bad Bunny’s Appreciation & the Coliseo

In 2022, Young Miko dropped her first album, TRAP KITTY, and was invited to join Bad Bunny at the Coliseo, (the most desired stage for an artist from PR), to perform “Puerto Rican Mami” and “Riri.” Bad Bunny himself had words of appreciation for the rapper, saying: “YM is a new face that’s breaking through and I like her a lot. I feel like she has so much to show people. Like she hasn’t shown them all her tricks yet.” 

Another important time in Young Miko’s career is March 2023, when she took part in Feid’s track “Classy 101,” which later became a global success.

Following Ivy Queen’s Steps

YM is Latin trap at its purist, the new representative of a genre that has always been a “man thing.” 20 years after Ivy Queen, Puerto Rico has a new reggaeton queen. What’s interesting about this is that both Ivy Queen and Young Miko come from the same hometown: Añasco. According to the 2010 census, Añasco is made up of only 912 people. 

The metaphorical handover from legend Ivy Queen makes Young Miko the most suitable person for the title of “Reina del Reggaeton.” 

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