Feature Artist: Hannah Grae

Pop singer and TikTok star, Hannah Grae, is someone you’ve either seen, heard of, or need to be introduced to. She’s our Feature Artist of the day, and here are some things you need to know about Hannah Grae!

Paloma Pimentel Reports

Hannah Grae the Social Media Star

Hannah Grae, a singer-songwriter from Wales, has always had some sort of media presence. Most notably, Hannah Grae showcased her vocal range on YouTube and TikTok by singing covers. She has over 200k followers on TikTok and went viral over her cover of “Go Easy on Me” by Adele. She took covering famous songs one step further and now sings her own rewrites of these classic lyrics. Now, alongside her covers, Grae uses her social media standing to share her original songs. She’s an active poster and you can watch her latest video posted on YouTube a week ago. Check it out HERE!

hannah grae the cut

New Music and Tour Dates

As you may have heard from our previous article, Hannah Grae has been busy making new music. Her most current release is “Screw Loose,” which dropped on the 25th of August. This song speaks on how people can make you crazy, and she maneuvers through that challenging head space. If that speaks to you, or you just want to hear how good a punch guitar is and how nice it feels to dance along, this song is for you. Fans got to enjoy the very talked about single “Hell is Teenage Girl” and its coordinating EP. Grae’s music hits home and her lyricism is top-notch. It’s hard not to relate.

hannah grae instagram

Over the summer, she has been going from festival to festival. Her tour, Hannah Grae Live, is just about coming to an end. Her final show date is today, September 1st, at the Electric Picnic in County Laos. This marks the end of 20 shows, and we should really give this girl a round of applause.

Hannah Grae went from covers on TikTok to signing with Atlantic Records UK to performing 20 shows across a 3-month period. She’s come a long way and she continues to grow. You don’t wanna miss this.

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