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White Lies Release Am I Really Going To Die

English indie rock band White Lies just released their new single, Am I Really Going To Die. The song also represents the latest preview to their upcoming album, “As I Try Not To Fall Apart.” The single also anticipates the band’s long-awaited new album, that will arrive on February 18, 2022!


Formerly active under the name of “Fear of Flying,” the band began their music journey in 2008 with the release of the single Unfinished Business. The song turned White Lies music dreams into reality, but it’s only a year later that the band found their space in the music industry. In fact, the 2009 album “To Lose My Life…” and its singles are what pushed the band’s career ahead.

white liesAm I Really Going to Die is a song with familiar subject matter for White Lies but a new chapter musically,” said bassist Charles Cave. “The first part of a two-song narrative about a self-important hot-shot given a terminal diagnosis, and the various stages of his coming to terms with it.”

The song was “loosely inspired” by Danny Huston’s character in ‘Ivans XTC’ and David Bowie‘s ‘Station to Station’ era. It presents an unforgettable groove and unique melodic line that reminds one of those artists.

Am I Really Going To Die Music Video

The director of the video is Balan Evans. “This song has so much story in it, it was quite easy to come up with this idea. It sort of spilled out of the lyrics,” said the director.

“I was talking to a friend who was recounting being hit by a car and waking up on the ground with people hanging over him and it felt like a unique perspective. This point of view felt rich with storytelling potential, something I wanted to explore and experiment with and most importantly it matched so well with the themes of the song.”

2022 European Tour

White Lies is also about to start their 2022 European and UK tour. On March 10th, the tour will kick off in Nottingham. The first twelve dates are going to happen in Great Britain, except for the Dublin date on March 21st.  The tour will then move to Europe, especially in the Netherlands, Germany and France. Finally, the band will conclude the tour in Bradford, England, on August 7th.

Check all the dates here to make sure to find right ticket for you!

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