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Hatchie Fights “Quicksand” in New Single

Australian singer-songwriter Hatchie released her newest single “Quicksand,” arriving ahead of her sophomore album, Giving the World Away.

Hatchie’s Sophomore Album is Coming in April

In 2021, Hatchie released her first single of the year “This Enchanted” in September and quickly released its follow-up, “Crush” less than a month later. It turns out, she recently announced that her upcoming sophomore album, Giving the World Away, is coming out on April 22. Alongside these songs and the newly-released “Quicksand,” the album will feature other unreleased tracks like “Twin,” “The Key,” and “Sunday Song.”

The news arrives only a few months after Hatchie announced that she signed to Secretly Canadian. About the album, the singer shared, “I’m capable of writing more than just nice dream-pop songs. There’s more to me than just writing songs about being in love or being heartbroken. There’s a bigger picture than that. This album really just feels like the beginning to me and scratching the surface. Even though it’s my third release as Hatchie, I feel like I’m rebooting from scratch.”

“Quicksand” is About Living in the Present

Hatchie explained that the new song expressed her desire to be satisfied with the present. “‘Quicksand’ is about dealing with the realization that you’ll never be satisfied. I started writing it when I was home between tours in 2019 before finishing it with Joe Agius and Dan Nigro the next year. I was feeling guilty and ungrateful for not being happy about a few different things in my life that were technically going well.” 

She continued, “I had to work through some tough learned thought processes and emotions that had been working away for years to try to understand how to be happy with my present and stop fixating on my past and future. The video digs deeper into showing this juxtaposition of such sadness and anger despite being surrounded by glamor and grandeur.”

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