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Review: Stephen Sanchez in Houston, TX

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Stephen Sanchez is so much more than “that one TikTok song,” and seeing him live in Houston just reinforces this fact.

Until I Found Stephen Sanchez

At only 20 years old, Stephen Sanchez has accumulated over 32 million Spotify followers. And it’s all thanks to one song.

Sanchez’s “Until I Found You” took the internet by storm, soundtracking every other TikTok video throughout the summer of 2022. The song blew up a year after its debut, praised for its timelessness and heartfelt lyrics. It was so widely popular that it even reached artists like Niall Horan, who later covered the song on TikTok (and Stephen replied with his own cover of ‘Heaven‘).

Since the song’s release, Sanchez has gone on to produce two EPs: What Was, Not Now and Easy On My Eyes. Moreover, his most recent drops includes his latest song, “‘Only Girl,” which released on April 28th, and “Evangeline.” Both of these singles are sneak peeks into a debut album, which Stephen has hinted at releasing sometime this year.

Concert Review: Houston, Texas

I was lucky enough to catch Stephen Sanchez at White Oak Music Hall in Houston, Texas back in April. And honestly? I’m already looking forward to the day I get to see him perform again.

Stephen has a sense of charisma onstage that is almost tangible. It’s hard to believe that he’s such a young artist; on one hand, he’s carefree and playful in a refreshingly youthful way. But this is contrasted by the level of familiarity and comfort he has with performing. He’s captivating to watch. And not a single person in the room could deny that he has such a unique voice that complements his beautiful songwriting.

My biggest complaint at Stephen’s concert was that it wasn’t longer. In the White Oak downstairs venue with a capacity of only 800, it was an ethereal experience to witness such raw talent only a few feet away. The setlist included 11 of Stephen’s released songs, starting off with “Hey Girl.” Additionally, he performed some (at the time) unreleased gems – including the newly released “Only Girl.” Between quirky dance moves and prompting the crowd to sing parts of some songs, Stephen kept everyone engaged throughout the entire show.

If this concert is at the beginning of his career, then I’m not sure anyone is prepared for the level of fame Stephen Sanchez is sure to attain in the future. I just feel incredibly lucky to have witnessed the start of something (or rather, someone) great.

Stephen Sanchez Live In A City Near You

Don’t worry – there are plenty of opportunities to see Stephen Sanchez perform this year. He will be playing all around the world this year, including some music festivals like Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores as well as WonderWorks in Pittsburgh. Additionally, he will be making stops in Australia, Indonesia, and New Zealand. You can find the full list of tour dates on his website here.

Lastly, Stephen will be going on yet another tour in the US this fall. Be sure to buy tickets now as some shows are already sold out. Until then, you can stream “Only Girl” and keep an eye out here at Music Daily for any future news on Stephen Sanchez.

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