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Wallows released Their New Single “I Don’t Want to Talk”

Wallows released their new single “I Don’t Want to Talk”

On September 30th, 2021 Wallows, an American alternative rock group released their new single “I Don’t Want to Talk.” This is the first song they have released since February.

Wallows sings about relationship complications in “I Don’t Want to Talk”

Wallows adds a catchy, upbeat tune while singing about a complicated relationship dynamic. The narrator of the song anticipates his relationship reaching an end point soon. “I Don’t Want to Talk” also contains undertones of codependency and avoidant attachment. The lyrics read “I’m not alright, but I don’t need comfort I don’t want to talk so could you tell me that it’s over now?” These lines indicate that the writer may not feel ready to process their situation at the moment.

“I Don’t Want to Talk” Music Video

In the video that was released on the same day, the three members Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston have each other’s backs. The video consists of back to back clips of the band performing together, partying, and lying down in the grass. Like many music videos, this one does not particularly match up with the story line of the song. However, viewers could associate the plot with the importance of friends supporting each other during tough times.

Upcoming Wallows Album in the Making

Dylan Minnette, rhythm guitar player of Wallows announced several months back that a new album is in the works. On October 3rd, he tweeted to their fans that he can’t wait for them to hear the rest of the album. A current release date did not make its way to the general public just yet. Many fans are expecting the album to drop sometime within this next year given their additional 2022 tour announcement. This aspect of Wallows’s news left fans in suspense.

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