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Italian Rappers Ernia, Sfera Ebbasta and Carl Brave Together For “Di notte”

Ernia’s latest collaboration

Di notte” is the latest single of the Italian rapper Ernia. For this occasion, he enlisted Sfera Ebbasta and Carl Brave for a special collaboration. After the incredible success of his precedent album “Gemelli“, which ended in a double platinum certificate, Ernia decided on a new project.

A charismatic track

The 27 years artist released the deluxe version called “Gemelli (ascendente Milano)“, that includes the single “Di notte“. The song follows the most classic formula of the music. Ernia, starts first with his gloomy personality for breaking the ice with his guests, and then the mood changes. Indeed there’s the refrain of Sfera in the middle, alternated by the two verses of Ernia and Carl Brave that change the mood of the song. Sfera is the hitmaker, his voice is so attractive and traces some vocal lines of pop music. While Ernia and Carl have a different attitude, I’d say more hiphop. The track works because they are three completely different personalities collaborating to make good music. Almost four minutes of content, arguments about origins, life, street and desires. Everyone shows his skills on the track with charisma, and that’s what it’s all about.

“Di notte” is also open to the world

We’re talking about a secure music product in Italy since all three artists are on the top of the national music charts. But the ultimate goal is to share their music with everyone in all countries.

This could be an opportunity, for those who don’t know jack about this music, to listen to something new with a different attitude and history. There are a lot of valid singers around the world, we just have to be open minded to understand the message, even if it’s in a different language. Because music is global and doesn’t have barriers, every person should be able to do all that they want without obstacles.

Back to the music, my personal advice is to listen to “Di notte“, just take a chance on it. Maybe you’ll discover something that you like.

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