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Victoria Alex Shares “Let’s Pretend” Music Video

Rising Toronto artist Victoria Alex released the music video for her latest single “Let’s Pretend.”

Rising Toronto artist Victoria Alex released the music video for her latest September single “Let’s Pretend.”
Victoria Alex. Screenshot From “Lets Pretend Music Video (IYoutube)

Get To Know Victoria Alex!

If you have never heard of Victoria Alex before but you love pop music, you’re in the right place. She’s a brand-new artist from Toronto, Canada who is not afraid of expressing herself through music. Just a year ago, she released her debut single “Screaming,” which she followed with “I Hate Your Friends” in May this year. In September, she gave us another taste of new music with “Let’s Pretend,” and now, she’s sharing a visual for the song to let us see another side of her creativity.

She Hopes That People Will Connect With “Let’s Pretend”

“Let’s Pretend” offers a hypnotic melody combined with energetic beats. In the song, Victoria Alex sings about catching feelings for someone who she’s unsure has the same feelings toward her. And so, she offers that person to “pretend” they are something they’re not.

“The song is about meeting someone and being infatuated by them, the moment you see them,” Victoria Alex says. “You know you can’t be with them, but you pretend that you are. You just start living in your own head. It’s about that moment when you choose something unhealthy for yourself; you can’t stop. It really comes from a place of insecurity, which we’ve all experienced, if not with love, then with something else in our lives. Hopefully, people will connect and find comfort in knowing they aren’t alone.”

More Music In The Works

And Victoria Alex has been working on a lot more music lately, which we might get to hear sometime in the near future. She has been working with Toronto-based writer and producer, Angel. Also, alongside Breaking Sound – a Los Angeles-based concert company for her debut EP.

“I am so excited for everyone to hear my music!” Victoria adds. “It reminds me of the Canadian music I grew up listening to. I hope my fans will love it too, as we have all grown and matured since I began this journey. I hope my music will still speak to them.”

Although there is no official release date or title for Alex’s debut EP, we hope to get new information soon! Will you be listening to it when it comes out?

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