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Apple Music Sing: The New Karaoke Feature

Apple Launches New Karaoke Feature: Apple Sing

Apple Sing

iPhone users, get ready to sing on the go with Apple Music Sing. Who needs a karaoke machine now? On December 13, the platform released their newest karaoke feature, available for iPhones 11 and up. According to Apple, Apple Music Sing is an exciting new feature that “allows users to sing along to their favorite songs with adjustable vocals1 and real-time lyrics.”

Moreover, Apple Music Sing has multiple lyric views. Users can be join other people for duets or sing backup. Indeed, it’s available with “tens of millions of the world’s most singable songs” according to the website.

Furthermore, Apple Music Sing released with the iOS 16.2 update, which includes a new app called Freeform. Freeform “helps users organize and visually lay out content on a flexible canvas, giving them the ability to see, share, and collaborate all in one place without worrying about layouts or page sizes.”

Apple Music Sing Playlists

In detail, real-time lyrics, background vocals, duet view, and more are included in Apple Music Sing. It sounds like a ball! So, this year you can belt Mariah Carey at holiday parties and show off your karaoke skills! Anyhow, the real-time lyric feature came out in 2019 with the release of iOS 13. The update excited users with its synced lyrics and lyric navigation. No more pretending to know the words! Now instead of only looking at the lyrics and hearing the artist, users can adjust the songs vocal volume and sing themselves instead.

Additionally, Apple also made sure to include a ‘Sing-Along Essentials’ playlist to their app, which is linked here. The playlist includes classic hits like ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC, ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ by Bruno Mars, and ‘Ms. Jackson’ by Outkast. Hopefully Apple will start including mini microphones in the iPhone boxes!

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