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Valley Announce New Album & Drop “Throwback Tears”

Toronto-based, indie pop band Valley announced that they have a new album coming soon, and released the new single “Throwback Tears” to celebrate.

Valley’s New Album, Lost In Translation, Is Out On June 23

This is an announcement that we have been waiting for for a while. If you’re into indie pop music, you probably already know who Valley is, but in case you don’t, we’ll give you a brief overview. 

Valley released their very first project back in 2016, the This Room Is White EP. After that, they unveiled their debut full-length album MAYBE in 2019, which was followed by the EP Last Birthday in 2021. Fast forward to the present, they just announced that their sophomore album, Lost In Translation, will be out on June 23.

Last year, Valley released a few singles that fans thought could be part of a new album. These include “CHAMPAGNE” and “The Problem Song,” but now we know that these were independent projects. Valley’s new single, “Throwback Tears,” is the official lead and first single off Lost In Translation.

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“Throwback Tears” Is The Lead Single

“Throwback Tears” is a short yet dynamic song. While it lasts only 1 minute and 57 seconds, it gets its message across – that the band members are not going to cry a single tear regarding their exes. “I ain’t cryin’ throwback tears over us. I ain’t tryna go back, no bad blood,” are some of the lyrics in the chorus.

 “After the existential crisis, puffy eyes, staring at the ceiling pity party that looms over us for what feels like decades post break up, ‘Throwback Tears’ describes the moment of relief when you’ve actually moved on,” Drummer and vocalist Karah James explains. “But actually, it’s the moment you build a bridge, one snotty Kleenex at a time, and get over it to find a pot of gold at the end filled with self-love, growth and epiphany. ‘Throwback Tears’ is an ode to taking control of our own sadness and defeat and never looking back. It’s the cheeky ‘last words’ to that person that broke your heart, they wanted space so you went to the moon.”

So, mark your calendars! Lost In Translation is out June 23, and listen to “Throwback Tears” out now.

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