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V Drops ‘Love Me Again’ and ‘Rainy Days’ in Anticipation of His Upcoming Album “Layover”

BTS’ V has at last announced his first official solo album, and is beginning his new musical career with the songs “Love Me Again” and “Rainy Days.”

V Sparkles in “Love Me Again”

ARMY, get ready for the next BTS solo career. Kim Taehyung, also known by his stage name V, has just dropped two singles off his upcoming album, Layover. The first single, “Love Me Again,” is a slow R&B track that shows off his trademark baritone.

In the music video, V serenades viewers while looking like a vision in gold. He starts the video off in a long sleeve, shiny, gold turtleneck, yellow light hitting the side of his face. Parts of the video feel very retro, especially with the intermittent flashes of grainy camera visuals throughout the song and the superimposed sing-along lyrics in the first chorus.

When the chorus ends, the song smoothly transitions into its second verse, and V doesn’t miss a beat. He has an air of effortlessness about him as he adds a pop of color with a red, sleeveless top that is just as shiny as the gold one. The entire music video seems to take place in a cavern: stalagmites and stalactites litter the background of almost every shot.

“Rainy Days”

“Rainy Days” is the second single off of Layover. It’s another R&B-type song, but it has a very different vibe from “Love Me Again.” “Rainy Days” feels very modern, both in sound and in the visuals of the music video. The song starts off with the sound of rain, notification sounds, and phone typing sounds. It has a bit of a lo-fi feel to it with the repeated melody in every line of the chorus, laidback rhythms, and combination of piano and electronic sounds.

In this music video, V is in a bedroom, slumping around because of a rainy day. He looks much more casual in jeans and a t-shirt. It seems he’s trying to find ways to fill his time on the rainy day. He browses on a computer, falls asleep watching television, and even paints with a piece of bread.


Layover comes out September 8th, along with the music video for “Slow Dancing.” Check out the promotion schedule and tracklist below.

bts v 'layover' promotion schedule
bts v 'layover' tracklist

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