February 08, 2023



Unlike Pluto Teaches Us on “Everybody Is Interesting”

Unlike Pluto, American electronic-rock artist, has released his hard-hitting single, “Everybody Is Interesting.” Unlike Pluto, whose real name is Armond Arabshahi, has been releasing a plethora of music since 2018.  “Everybody Is Interesting” is a mischievous commentary on the world of “influencers” – and it hits deep.

Unlike Pluto is Unconventional

The determined artist releases new songs every Wednesday, and each one is innately different from the rest. “Everybody Is Interesting” starts out with a rather unconventional melody, and then whisks us away into a trance-like beat. Unlike Pluto experiments with every song he creates, and “Unlike Pluto” is a test of musical commentary.


A Song About Influencing

Posted to Youtube on September 24th, “Everybody is Interesting” is gaining attention. Pluto’s commentary on the song is important, as it explains his goals. He writes, “I love the concept and vibe of this song… I wrote this song about social media typecasting. Every artist under the sun has written songs about how social media is bad for the consumers, no one really written a song from the perspective of an influencer.” Unlike Pluto makes us think about influencing in a different way. We have to consider the perspective of the people selling things to us, whether that be their thoughts, bodies, or situations.

Unlike Pluto’s Important Questions

The lyrics of “Everybody is Interesting” are just as thought-provoking as its meaning. Written by Unlike Pluto himself, we are asked to sit back, take a deep breath, and just listen. Pluto sings, “Everybody wants to be interesting / Oversaturated pixels in the noise, / Maybe no one’s really interesting /  Tell me what makes you different.” We know “influencers” often make content for a specific audience, and we also know that most of it is fake. But we fail to ask ourselves why they continue to make this content. Unlike Pluto tells us that it may be because of the pressure that we impose on them.

The electronic-rock single is an incredibly important commentary on social media, popularity, and authenticity. It’s just one of many thought-provoking songs from the artist, and we can guarantee that there will be more to come. Unlike Pluto is certainly an artist to watch over the next few months, and you can check back to his Youtube channel weekly to hear his new music.

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