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TWS Release 2nd Mini Album “Summer Beat”

HYBE Entertainment subsidiary Pledis Entertainment's group TWS releases 2nd mini-album 'Summer Beat' after viral "Uptown Girl" cover.
Courtesy of HYBE Entertainment/Pledis Entertainment

Who is TWS?

HYBE Entertainment’s rookie boy group TWS has released a second mini album. Debuting at the start of 2024, the sextuplet group has found recent success with their latest comeback. TWS stands for twenty-four-seven with us and was formed through HYBE subsidiary Pledis Entertainment. Pledis is home to the iconic Seventeen and girl group Fromis_9.

TWS earned their first music show win only twenty-three days after making their official debut back in January. They currently have eight music show wins with their latest tile track—”If I’m S, Can You Be My N?”—earning three wins as of July 8. The group has been gaining traction for their latest EP and for their cover of “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel. The members showed off their incredible vocal tones and effortless singing. It truly showcased the group’s range and was a perfect way to gain attention for TWS.

“If I’m S, Can You Be My N?”Review

Courtesy of HYBE Entertainment/Pledis Entertainment

“If I’m S, Can You Be My N?” is about opposites attracting and falling in love. The members want to feel everything and do anything to make their hypothetical lovers happy. If they are south, they want their crush to be the opposite as north because they will attract each other. It is a cute title track for the summer, and age-appropriate, as the youngest member was born in 2007.

The music video is extremely cute and gives rookie energy with the school concept. Every K-pop group, or at least most, tends to have a school concept where the members are students. It usually takes place towards the beginning of the groups because companies usually debut younger people. They do this in order to have them grow up with the audience. I think this concept is perfect for TWS and radiated good energy throughout the video. There is definitely repetitiveness in the music video due to this concept but overall, it had a good summer feel to it.

Summer Beat Review

Courtesy of HYBE Entertainment/Pledis Entertainment

Summer Beat consists of six total songs including the title track. Overall, the songs contain bright summer vibes as the boys take turns rapping or singing. My personal favorite song is the first song, “YOU+ME=7942.” The beat is very catchy and the pre-chorus has perfect vocals. The drop in the chorus is addictive; it’s truly a song that will instantly stick in your head. I also love the rap verses as they sound effortless and not like they were forced into the track. Being able to slide on a track, switching between spitting bars and singing is hard, but not for TWS. “YOU+ME=7942” is about leaning on the members in a relationship. When they add the significant other to the picture, they are complete.

Secondly, I loved “Double Take.” This track felt different from the rest with more of a full, hip-hop feel. The members really showed a new side in their discography with a heavy bass and darker production. TWS can take any concept and make it feel unique, which is hard to do inside one mini album, but they excel. Being able to rap and sing as well as they do, especially after not even debuting for a year, is notable. Check out the EP below.

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