Turnstile and BADBADNOTGOOD Release EP

Turnstile and BADBADNOTGOOD collaborated on a new EP titled New Heart Designs.

The hardcore band and the genre-defying group retooled a selection of songs from the former’s latest album. “Mystery,” “Underwater Boi,” and “Alien Love Call” are the tracks reworked for the new EP.

More About Turnstile

The New Heart Designs versions don’t sound like Turnstile at all, save for lead singer Brandon Yates’ voice. What once were new-school hardcore anthems are now groovy, psychedelic tracks. They’re more appropriate for a wind-down than a mosh pit. Not that Turnstile didn’t experiment with anti-angry sounds on Glow On, but these reworked versions doubled down on a take-it-easy vibe. Hearing Brandon Yates belt over a saxophone solo is quite the audio experience.

The Turnstile released a new music video to accompany the new EP. It was shot and edited by Alex Henery and filmed in black and white. The video follows the steadfast release of videos put out by the band to promote their tour. It captures several concerts by the band and focuses on the audience. If you look at the band’s YouTube channel, the video isn’t out of place at all. Dozens of videos feature interviews with countless fans across the globe.

It is amazing to see how much the band has blown up. It’s no overnight success since they’ve been putting out music for over a decade. But, in the last couple of years, no other band rooted in hardcore has become so beloved while still in their prime.


According to NPR, “BADBADNOTGOOD made a name for itself by reworking songs from the likes of Nas and Ol’ Dirty Bastard, eventually catching the attention of Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator. The masses took notice in 2015 when the group produced an entire LP for Ghostface Killah, Sour Soul. BADBADNOTGOOD has been called a hip-hop ensemble, but its foundation is clearly jazz, which provides a gateway to countless genres. On IV, the group allows that gateway to widen, adding soul and funk to the repertoire.”

After several other reworks of notable artists, it makes sense for the group to rework the latest songs by Turnstile.

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