Ozzy Osbourne Releasing Black Sabbath Comic Book

Ozzy Osbourne chronicles the origins and legacy of Black Sabbath in a new comic book releasing August 23rd.

The comic is a collaborative effort between Ozzy and comic book pros. These include writer Todd Matthy of Robots vs. Princesses fame and artist Martin Gimenez. Released by Tidalwave Comics, it is a 22-page comic book available in digital and print formats. Print formats include paperback and hardcover with a special variant cover by artist Noumier Tawilah.

Tawilah said the following regarding the cover: “Working on the Black Sabbath cover was a lot of fun. I’ve been a huge fan of both Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne’s solo music since I was a teenager. For the cover artwork, I tried to create a collage of the band’s performance scene inspired by the ‘Paranoid’ video clip and added a pig as a homage to the song ‘War Pigs.’ The color palette was inspired by psychedelic concert posters from the late 60s and early 70s.”

Writer Matthy added: “I knew I had to do this right to make something worthy of the band. I didn’t want to just cover the basics, I wanted to show the full scope of their history. Using the band’s own words and visual interpretations of the classics, beautifully rendered by Martin Jimenez, this book is the definitive comic on Black Sabbath.”

Publisher Darren G. Davis said: “As a reluctant reader, I found the comic book form easy to access, so I always believed comics could both entertain and teach. We have done a solo comic book in the past on just Ozzy, we wanted to showcase the full iconic band as a whole.”

Ozzy Osbourne Can’t Get Enough Comics

The comic book is not just a random, one-off project. Ozzy Osbourne released it in anticipation of his upcoming album. In fact, it is not the only comic book Ozzy’s releasing this year. The metal legend appeared at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con to reveal another comic book he’s collaborated on, this time with artist Todd McFarlane. It is a comic to be packaged with certain editions of the upcoming album Patient Number 9.

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