New Zealand Duo Balu Brigada Releases ‘Find A Way’ 

Sibling duo Balu Brigada continues to bring their unique sound to an international stage. With their latest release “Find A Way,” the Kiwi brothers filled their summer single with sunshine and uncontainable groove.  

Style and Substance 

Henry and Pierre Beasley — the brothers behind Balu Brigada — seamlessly experiment with and fuse many genres. On “Find A Way,” they create their own special sound they call “groove-pop.” The single from their newly released EP of the same name pulls no punches, hitting hard with booming drums and bellowing vocals. Together with heavy, rich baselines and perfectly placed guitar licks, “Find A Way” emphasizes the power of perseverance. The song delivers the message in a manner that manages to feel nostalgic, fresh, and triumphant all at once.  

Perseverance and Personal Mantras 

Balu Brigada are no strangers to the importance of what they preach. In an interview with Prelude Press, the Beasley brothers reveal how the song’s central message was a personal mantra of their own — “whether it was ‘Find a way to get to America’ or ‘Find a way to maintain a long-distance relationship’ or even just ‘Find a way to be present and happy.’” It was those three simple words that gave Henry and Pierre the drive to bring their musical flair from their homeland of New Zealand all the way to the U.S.

Atlantic Records and Social Media Success

After years of exploring and perfecting their alt-pop sound, the brothers’ talent was recognized by Atlantic Records. The duo is now based in New York, with their Find A Way EP being their second extended play published in the States. 

The brothers’ talent has, not only been recognized by Atlantic, but social media as well. Over the past few years, they’ve amassed thousands of views and followers. This includes over a half million listeners on Spotify. Henry and Pierre are also busy producing laidback, cozy music videos. Right now, they’re finding their way through Australia and New Zealand on tour. 

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