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Tone Stith Returns With Steamy Single “B.E.D”

With musical talent in his DNA, Tone Stith shares his natural-born gift for songwriting, producing and singing with the world.  

Screenshot From “Devotion” Music Video By Tone Stith (Youtube)

Musical Influences

Tone Stith has a broad vocal range that allows him to reach ethereal high pitches. Perhaps, he learned from the greats he looked up to, some including Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and James Taylor. He utilized his influences and knowledge of music to craft his first official album, Can We Talk

Tone Stith’s Album Discography 

His smooth and impressive vocal abilities immediately draw your attention. Besides, R&B singer H.E.R. knew he was special. She granted him the opportunity to open for the singer on her very own “I Used To Know Her Tour” in 2019. Additionally that same year Tone Stith released his sophomore album Good Company. The LP gained some notoriety with features by hit makers Swae Lee, Quavo, and Ty Dolla $ign. Although the title track from his most recent and third project FWM earned Stith his biggest hit of all. As of now, “FWM” has over 24 million streams. Further, the R&B singer would phone friends Kiana Lede, H.E.R. and Lonr as features for the 2021 LP. Later in 2021, he would release a deluxe version including hit single “Do I Ever.”

Newest Single, “B.E.D”

Currently, in 2022, Tone Stith is not pressing the brakes, as he released a new steamy single “B.E.D” on November 25. Produced by The Audibles, the song is as freaky as it gets. “But that a** is gettin’ heavy, girl (Heavy) / You look good in the mirror, but you look better in my bed,” Stith sings in this sexy song. Despite her entertaining other men, Stith is the one who can please and spoil her right. “T-shirt and my underwear, in my bed / I got you screamin’ like, “Oh, yeah” (Watch this) / B-E-D (Watch this),” Tone can put her to sleep “like a Ambien” and she won’t need insurance after she’s done with him. 

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