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Kiana Ledé and Cautious Clay Are Villains In “Who Do You Think You Are”

kiana lede and cautious clay "Who do you think you are"

“The School For Good And Evil”

Pop single “Who Do You Think You Are” by Kiana Ledé and Cautious Clay is released from the soundtrack for “The School For Good And Evil.” This collaboration between the two singer-songwriters marks the first release from the Action Films soundtrack. The eerie track references themes of good and evil,  reflecting the plot of the movie. “The School For Good And Evil” takes the audience on a journey of two best friends Sophie and Agatha, who are kidnapped and brought to a bewitched school. Sophie is sent into the school for evil, while Agatha is sent to the school for good. In these schools people gain the tools to become heroes and villains. The eager heroes and villains train in these schools to conserve the balance of Good and Evil. 

“Who Do You Think You Are”

Consequently, Sophie and Agatha’s two separate worlds drive them apart from one another. R&B artist Kiana Ledé and Rapper/R&B singer Cautious Clay translate the story of a friendship turned rivalry into a song. However, in “Who Do You Think You Are”, Lede and Clay choose to be the villain in this war between friends. They join the evil side in order to protect and defend themselves.

Kiana Ledé

Although, Kiana never thought she could do any harm, she gives into temptation and becomes evil. “I’m starin’ into the darkness and I like what I see/There’s a thin line/Between a sinner and savior/Never once did I ever think it would be me.” Ledé questions her friend’s true character and who they really are at their core. She faces conflict in the midst of this friendship breakup. Were they bad from the start? Is the love in their heart genuine? 

Cautious Clay

Similarly, Cautious Clay reveals the evil that lives inside of him. He sings, “Fake smile/I can cut like a dagger.” Clay has become cold and puts on a facade in order to guard himself. The singer-songwriter doesn’t care for a happily ever after, because it is unknown where it will lead to. “Nobody wins and after all/What’s a war between friends/When you’re the one against me?” Clay would rather become the villain than trust someone that may be the devil. 

Above all, “Who Do You Think You Are” adds suspense and excitement for the Netflix Film. “The School For Good And Evil” will be available on Netflix October 21st, 2022. 

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