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Tianda Shares her “Give Me Love”

TikTok emerging singer and songwriter Tianda is releasing her “last song of 2021” in collaboration with Conch and Post Meridian, Give me Love.


From grade 2, the road to Give Me Love

“I’m an empath, a dreamer, and a major label once told me my songs are too deep,” writes Tik Tok star Tianda on her official website,

With an original and striking style and recognizable voice, Tianda is pushing through Tik Tok’s music scene. Starting in second grade, the artist has created her own way in the music industry. Tianda reached incredible goals as the release of multiple songs and even albums.

“I started writing songs in grade 2 by listening to my favourite CD’s and writing the lyrics down word for word. I quickly realized I could write my own words, and taught myself to play guitar and piano by ear.”

Right before the end of 2021, Tianda shared her single Give Me Love.

A passionate song about true love and the need of find oneself, Give Me Love is one of the deepest songs the artist has produced. Post Meridian’s partcipation adds some trap to the electro-pop and R&B ambience of the song.

A self-made star

Tianda knows her skills, and she’s not scared to show them. In fact, despite the great quality of her songs, she said multiple times that her music is completely hers. “These days,  I’m calling myself a singer, songwriter, producer, and visual artist,” writes the artist. 

“When you hear my songs, you’re not hearing the level of music I was able to afford, or an extensive network of songwriters, session players, and big studios and producers. You’re hearing what I was able to do with my own two hands in my apartment.”

“Eventually, I learned how to record myself in Garageband, and then my laptop turned into a full-fledged home studio. Using the power of the internet I learned how to produce my own music. I released my first few songs in 2020, reclaiming my name as ‘Tianda’ and gaining over 200,000 streams across platforms while I made my debut album entirely during quarantine.”

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