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For this week’s Music Daily’s Music Discoveries, explore with us the life and career of the emerging R&B Bay Area singer Thuy and her new album, Girls Like Me Don’t Cry.

How Athletics Helped Thuy Gain Mental Toughness

29-year-old R&B singer from the Bay Area Thuy is an artist you just can’t miss. With her strong vocals and smooth beats, she is one of the most interesting upcoming artist of the latest few months.

With the strong mindset that she got from years of a wrestling and by being the daughter of refugees, the singer is ready to take it all. Talking to PEOPLE, she said that

“Being a wrestler, and having that training helped me a lot as I am doing music professionally because being an athlete, I developed mental toughness.”

The singer, of Vietnamese heritages, considers her parents as her biggest inspiration, saying that “That immigrant mindset of never giving up is definitely instilled in me.”

Thuy’s music reflects the energy of her international influences. In fact, as one can notice from both her debut album, 2021 i hope u see this, and her latest release, October Girls Like Me Don’t Cry, despite the artist is mainly defined as R&B, she embraces multiple currents and genres, ranging from Dream Pop to contemporary R&B. On this topic, the artist says that she “loves making music that feels good,” without limiting her projects to a specific genre or influence.

“In My Bag” is a good introduction, “I am usually not very boastful, but when I made the song, it was definitely an anthem for myself and for anyone who needs a feel-good source of inspiration and a confidence booster,” she says.

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‘Girls Like Me Don’t Cry’

Thuy‘s second full-length album came out in October 2022. Her sophomore project was highly appreciated.

The singer went on her social accounts writing about her infinite gratitude for the release of the record. On an Instagram post, she wrote also mentioned the importance of Girls Like Me Don’t Cry for her.

In fact, the album has a special place in Thuy’s heart. In particular, due to the very personal topic discussed throughout every verse. On an Instagram post she wrote:

“I’m so so nervous and excited and scared for u all to hear this! this project is so special to me.

“When i was younger, my uncle had a nickname for me in Vietnamese that essentially meant crybaby. I used to cry at the tiniest inconvenience and honestly still do (just on the inside). I think a lot of times people see me as someone who’s always strong and confident but the truth is, even the strongest women cry and that is never a sign of weakness.”

She concluded: “This project goes out to all the crybabies!!”

‘Girls Like Me Don’t Cry’ Tour

Thuy is currently touring her Girls Like Me Don’t Cry tour! In fact, focused on the East Coast, the tour will see the artist perform for 10 nights. The tour will also play in 10 different locations. From Dallas to Toronto, March will see the artist perform all over the south and East Coast!

Don’t lose your chance to see Thuy live in one of the multiple cities around the country. Get your ticket for one of the biggest emerging artist of the year here!

Moreover, if you were interested in Thuy, make sure to stay updated on new emerging artist with Music Daily’s Music Discoveries! Discover more about the artist here.

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