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Thundercat And Tame Impala Combine Forces For ‘No More Lies’ 

Credit: Abby Gillardi

Long Lost Bandmates Collaborate For “No More Lies”

Picture-perfect duo Thundercat and Tame Impala produce, write, and sing on their new collaboration “No More Lies.” Combining musical expertises, the duo creates ‘60s synth funk magic. 

“No More Lies” is a neo-psychedelic trance about breakups and self-revelations. Thundercat and Tame Impala’s vocals melt seamlessly into each other’s over groovy bass lines. They trade lines about letting go of past lovers and taking a solitary path. Though it pains them to say goodbye, they know their relationships must come to an end. Furthermore, dishonesty and harsh truths play a significant role in the breakup. “Baby, no more lies / Feelin’ free, that’s the way it’s s’posed to be / For you and me / You and I both know it’s harder than it seems.”

Picture-perfect duo Thundercat and Tame Impala produce, write and sing on their new collaboration “No More Lies.”
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Thundercat Spills On Working With Tame Impala

Thundercat is a long-time fan of Tame Impala and finds inspiration in his work. “No More Lies” is truly a dream come true for him.

“There’s a part of me that felt like we’d be in a band together […] Even if we weren’t in a band together, it just felt like we were definitely long lost bandmates from another era. […] There’s only a couple of people I’ve written lyrics with, and I invited it because I wanted to embrace whatever was to come of what we would create […] I felt like I knew we wouldn’t steer each other wrong. There’s a lot of trust. Even feeling comfortable enough to sing in front of somebody that you look up to, or somebody that you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of. But I didn’t hold back.”

Thundercat tells Rolling Stone about collaborating with Tame Impala

The Duo Admits Their Relationship Faults

Even more, “No More Lies” sees Kevin Parker (or Tame Impala) and Thundercat (Stephen Burner) grapple with the breakup. They take accountability for their shortcomings in the relationship. “Love is a two-way street / I’m lettin’ go because the both of us don’t need to drive / Baby, it’s one at a time.” He ultimately blames himself for the breakup. “There’s so much work to do, so much to unpack / But it’s not your fault, I’m just kind of a**.” 

Meanwhile, Burner and Parker will spend time in solitude facing their troubles. But if their exes decide to come back, Thundercat and Tame Impala would rekindle the romance. “I’ll just be on my own, I’ll just be homе alone / My troubles are my own / Unlеss she wants to come back” 

The two multi-talented musicians gave us a sentimental summer groove “No More Lies” that we so needed. We look forward to more collaborations from them.  

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