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Thomas Day Drops Beautiful Single “WildFlower”

Up-and-coming Tennessean artist Thomas Day has captured millions of listeners once again with a dreamy new track: “Wildflower,” which dropped on October 7.

Thomas Day Drops Wildflower

“A Cheat Code To Emotions”

A musician from a young age, Thomas Day has his roots in listening to pop singers like The Beatles and Maroon 5 as well as musical theater. Despite being made fun of in school for loving music, inspiringly, Thomas stuck with it and began making his own music. He pours out his emotions into his songs. His passion soon spilled out into the public sphere, and with the encouragement of friends and peers, Thomas Day eventually gained a following on Instagram. 

But, Thomas’ real break would come through TikTok, though. Like many young artists now, such as Benson Boone, Thomas quickly amassed 6 million followers and over 50 million likes. His early covers of famous pop tunes would lead fans begging for Thomas to hop into the mainstream. Eventually, Thomas Day got recognition at America’s Got Talent, and would sign with a label to create his own music full time. Since his first release “Softly,” he would release 5 more singles, each gaining millions of streams and critical acclaim. 

“Wildflower” Is Simply Enchanting 

Every aspect of Thomas’s “Wildflower” is simply beautiful. From Thomas’ strong yet sweet vocals, to the lively instrumental, and the deep meaning of the lyrics. Starting off the song with acoustic guitar strumming, Thomas lulls listeners in with his singing. He dives into a triplet heavy, waltzy pop feel. The song is a complete banger, from start to finish.

But the most heartwarming aspect about the song is the meaning. According to Thomas, the song is “to help anyone who is feeling alone. No matter how pretty someone is or how amazing their life looks, everyone experiences pain and can get lost sometimes.” 

Pretty face walking on by / But I know the feeling of faking a smile / ‘Cause I felt that way for a long time / But here with me, you can unwind / Wildflower, all you need’s a little sunshine”

The music video reflects the song’s beauty. With vibrant colors and flowers everywhere (duh), the song perfectly captures the feeling of letting go of worries. Check out the music video for “Wildflower” here!

It’ll be exciting to see what this young artist comes up with next! Check out Thomas’s upcoming projects by clicking here! 

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