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“Monotonía”, Shakira and Ozuna Together On A Generational And Classic Bachata

The Previous Attempt With “Te Felicito”

Monotonía is the new single of Shakira with the contribution of Puerto Rican star Ozuna. This is the third drop of the year for the artist from Barranquilla (Colombia), after Te Felicito and DON’T YOU WORRY. It seems that Shakira is now going in a clear direction, which is meeting the new generation of reggaeton. Indeed, with Rauw Alejandro then and Ozuna now, the icon of the 2000’s latin pop has chosen a way to operate that wants to be a renovation of her music. And fans are loving it, according to the numbers. Te Felicito feat. Rauw Alejandro has over 350 millions of clicks just on Spotify, and Monotonía wants to get the same.

On a melancholy bachata, “la música de amargue”, Shakira and Ozuna are a couple who’s conscious of the reasons for their ending. It’s nobody’s fault, but monotony. Because in order to keep something, whether it’s in a relationship or in life, you can’t just get used to it. Monotonía is a challenge to not fall into the trap of the boredom of everyday’s habits. Shakira herself has chosen to not just be settled on the success she achieved over the years. She’s been able to explore all the rooms of Latin music. That’s why she’s so liked by every music fan in the world.

A Meeting Of Different Generations

The hidden sadness of this drop is what makes it so good to be appreciated always. It can be danced, but it can also be taken as a deep reflection. There’s no way this won’t be a hit, and I’m sure I can say it out loud yet after just a week from the release.

Shakira and Ozuna represent yet another attempt to bring something new to a genre often closed in itself. But this is a successful one. The Arab and Oriental influences of Shakira meet with Ozuna’s delicate voice. With an evergreen classic bachata, impossible to resist at.

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