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Benson Boone Drops His First EP “Walk Me Home…”

Up-and-coming pop singer Benson Boone recently dropped his first EP “Walk Me Home…”, containing powerful tracks about heartbreak and love.


Benson Boone’s Booming Popularity

Boone started his public singing career through TikTok in late 2020. He is not the first Tik Toker turned musician; many new artists have their roots in Tik Tok, including the rapper YEAT. Quickly amassing a lot of attention from his talent of covering songs, he began singing more frequently, gaining up to 11 million views. In early 2021, his friend implored him to audition for American Idol, which gave Boone even more publicity. Although he dropped out of the competition to consider his career, he still had a very devoted fanbase. He began to go even more viral when he sang snippets of his original song, “GHOST TOWN.” When he released the song, he caught the attention of numerous celebrities, including Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons—who signed him onto a label, Ellen Degeneres, Seth Meyers, and Kelly Clarkson.


Shortly after releasing “GHOST TOWN,” Boone released two more singles titled “ROOM FOR 2,” and “In The Stars,” both of which also were instant hits.


Walk Me Home’s Impressive Tracks

Benson Boone Drops his first EP “Walk Me Home..."Boone’s singing is undeniably mesmerizing. With a clear and strong tone, he always grips the listener with sheer power. His vocal control is incredibly impressive and he can make vocal runs and vibrato seem like an absolute cakewalk. His range is also extremely high, as exemplified by songs such as “Nights Like These,” where the chorus consistently has Boone singing way into upper octaves. Although he admitted he was using helium to get some of his highest notes, he can still sing pretty darn high even without it!


“Walk Me Home…” features some of the more personal aspects of Boone. When talking about the EP, Boone shared: “Walk Me Home is a very important body of work to me. The reason I named it Walk Me Home is because most of the time writing these songs I felt lost. I’m very young, I’m at the beginning of a long journey, and I don’t know where it will lead. Sometimes I feel like I just need a little bit of guidance and when I first started writing this EP I felt very alone. As I began to write more and more towards the end I felt like these songs were becoming therapy for me and I was finding myself in the music. This is a body of work that I am very proud of and I now feel like I’ve made it home.”


Currently, Boone is not going on tour or has announced any upcoming performances, although he has displayed some interest in singing his music live. Check out Benson Boone on his Tik Tok by clicking here!

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