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Jackie Hayes Drops Fierce “Bite Me”

Chicago-based pop-rock rising artist Jackie Hayes released her latest single “Bite Me,” marking her first song of the year.

“Bite Me” is Her First Single of the Year

Who is Jackie Hayes you might be wondering? Well, if you are into pop-rock and haven’t heard of this artist yet, I highly suggest you do. Not only does she have tunes to make you scream and shout, but their rhythm will stick to your head for a while. Recently, she got to perform for the first time at Chicago’s super popular Lollapalooza music festival, so don’t be surprised if she starts blowing up all of the sudden.

“Bite Me” is a fierce, strong track where Jackie lets the public see how powerful she really is. The song is challenging, letting us hear how far her vocal range can go. “Can I ask you a question? I’m scared of the answer. Just patch it together. And I’ll fix myself up. So that you will like me. What do you know? So they all can bite me,” she sings.

Get to Know Jackie Hayes!

The 23-year-old Waukegan-raised, Chicago-based musician knew that she wanted to work in the music industry since she was a kid. Becoming involved with her church worship band, she got to learn how to play the piano. But, not long after, she got kicked out of the group for being a nonbeliever. Nevertheless, Jackie found a way to work extra hours to fund her own music, and started her career as an independent artist.

After moving to Chicago when she was 19, Jackie started having more opportunities. She got to collaborate with celebrated producer Billy Lemos, and made her 2020 debut EP take it, leave it a reality. Last year, she released another EP There’s Always Going To Be Something.

Over the past year, Jackie has gotten to play among great artists and set foot on big stages. Besides the most recent one being Lollapalooza, she also performed at Chicago’s Riot Fest in 2021. She also kicked off 2022 by traveling across the US for a set of shows, going everywhere from New York to Georgia and Florida. This summer, she also accompanied Sunflower Bean in a set of shows.


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