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The Vaccines Return with a New Single to Anticipate Their New Album

English indie rock band The Vaccines returns with the announcement of a new EP, Planet Of The Youth. To anticipate and launch the album, the band released a new song as well.

The Vaccines Thunder Feber

Disaster Girl

The Vaccines formed in London in 2010 with the first a lineup of four. Guitarist and lead singer Justin Young, bassist Árni Hjörvar and guitarist Freddie Cowan joined the band in 2010. Keyboard player Tim Lanham arrived in 2016. Together with Lanham, Yoann Intonti replaced ex drummer Pete Robertson in 2016.

Young discussed the album with NME. “’Back In Love City’ was written and recorded before everything was changed in the pandemic,” he said.

“The new EP is all music that was written on my sofa, but thematically and sonically it continues in the vein of the album.

I thought ‘Disaster Girl’ was a good song title, then realised it’d be interesting to write about someone who thought ‘I’m a disaster, girl’. We’ve all felt we’ve been a disaster in personal and family relationships, and I was playing on the apocalyptic feelings we get when we let ourselves down.”

Planet Of The Youth

Disaster Girl is only the beginning for the new era of this English indie rock band, The Vaccines, who recently announced a new EP coming out on April 8. The new six-song EP arrives six months after their latest release “Back In Love City.” “Planet Of The Youth” will also include the band’s previous released single, Thunder Fever.

The album will include four more songs, which titles are already public. “Disaster Gir” and “Thunder Fever” will be followed by “Hometown Of Jupiter,” “Planet of The Youth,” “Twenty Four Seven” and “Young Meteors.”

The Vaccines is currently on tour in the UK. The tour will continue until August 5, when they will perform in North Norfolk District, United Kingdom.

Get your ticket and find more information about the upcoming album here!

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