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The Sounds of Euphoria

The Sounds of Euphoria

HBO’s drama Euphoria is in the midst of a much anticipated second season. Along with glitter and gossip, the show is making waves with a soundtrack chock full of classic rock hits, party music, old and new releases from amazing artists. 

“Dead of Night” by Orville Peck 

The lead single on his album “Pony,” Orville Peck describes “Dead of Night” as “‘something that I think a lot of people can connect with, which is kind of the story that is unrequited love that you know is never gonna go anywhere, but you stay with that person and torture yourself because it’s better than nothing. And then, even after it’s ended, you’re still kind of torturing yourself by thinking, ‘Wasn’t that actually really nice?’” It is then no wonder that Peck’s moody song plays in the background of Cassie Howard and Nate Jacob’s first car ride together. The couple’s romance is something of a torturous experience, especially for Cassie, who is struggling to come to terms with her own definition of love. Peck’s deep and slow voice is the perfect backdrop for the fast and complex feelings Nate elicits in Cassie. 

“Live or Die” by Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan 

Played in the beginning of episode two “Out of Touch” while Nate Jacobs fantasizes about a future with Cassie, the song redone by Labrinth is dreamy and fantastical. With soft sounds and mellow voices, it is the perfect backdrop to a fantasy never to be reality. Although their relationship is anything but perfect, the music behind their choices is superb.

“She Brings the Rain”  by CAN 

Decades ago, CAN, a German experimental rock band, wrote the jazz infused song “She Brings the Rain”. Generally unknown outside of Germany, the song came from the band’s 1970s album Soundtracks. Remastered for Euphoria, “She Brings the Rain” played over scenes of Rue, Nate, Cassie, and Maddy making questionable and mysterious decisions. 

For more about Euphoria’s unique soundtrack picks check out “What is Going On With The Music In “Euphoria”. 


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