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MØ release Motordrome

Danish singer MØ Motordrome release her new album Motordrome and announce an exclusive new exclusive worldwide digital event.


Singer-songwriter and musician Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen, aka MØ, became famous with her performance in 2015’s Major Lazer project’s song Lean On. During the years she released few albums, including 2018 Forever Neverland and 2019’s Walshy Fire Presents: MMMMØ – The Mix. The latter is Major Lazer’s project. As a matter of fact, the group mixed several tracks and B-sides of MØ’s. After almost 3 years, the artist returns with what promises to be one of her best albums ever.

The album is an important album for the singer. “all these songs mean so much to me,” writes her. In fact, MØ wrote the songs during the Forever Neverland tour, when she had to fight her anxiety and panic attacks.

New Moon Music Video

The artist anticipated her Motordrome project with multiple singles and music videos. These include her first single and record-opening song, Live To Survive. To this music video, she also provided some behind the scenes and studio diaries. Moreover, she also released the videos of Kindness, Brad Pitt and Goosebumps.

In addition, few days ago MØ release her new single, New Moon. The video sees her as a warrior, fighting and dancing to the rhythm of the song.

With incredible visuals and choreographies, the video is a great representation of the artist’s overcoming of the control she was under.

“I don’t see a metal door
I look through ya
Right at my future,” sings her.
“Used to drain me, and push me, and pull me
But I’m not that somebody that you used to bully.
Don’t you know it’s a new moon?”

The Motordrome Experience

MØ recently announced on her Instagram profile her new live experience. The project is called “Motodrome Live Experience” and it’s an exclusive worldwide digital event. The event will take place on March 2nd and 3rd (depending on territory). The Motodrome Live Experience was filmed at the Den Grå Hal in Christiania, Copenhagen in October 2021.

Click here to get your tickets!

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