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The Paper Kites Release ‘I Don’t Want to Go That Way’

The Paper Kites have released the latest single off their upcoming album At the Roadhouse. Titled “I Don’t Want to Go That Way,” the new single is a heartfelt, indie, folk-rock ballad.

Sam Bentley (vocals and guitarist) wrote the song. The live music video below was directed by Keiran Watson-Bonnice, who filmed at the Roadhouse in Australia in July of 2022. In a press release, the band shared: “It’s one of our favorite songs from the upcoming Roadhouse record.”

Aside from the record, The Paper Kites are releasing an accompanying film.

In an Instagram post, the band said of the film, “In July 2022, The Paper Kites played a month-long residency in the small town of Campbells Creek. This film was captured during the month-long residency we performed last year in the small Australian town of Campbells Creek. It features performances from multiple nights at the Roadhouse and all 16 songs from the record. We’re incredibly proud of this film and the album – and we’re also very happy to announce there will be two film premieres happening in Melbourne on September 1st at Lido Cinemas and in Sydney on September 4th at Ritz Cinemas.”

Introducing The Paper Kites

The Australian indie band The Paper Kites consists of Sam Bentley (vocals/guitar/harmonica/mandolin), Christina Lacy (keyboard), David Powys (guitar), Samuel Rasmussen (bass), and Josh Bentley (drums). The band began in 2009 with Sam and Christina as the founding members. To date, they have released five studio albums and two EPs. Their albums are States (2013), Twelvefour (2015), On the Train Ride Home (2018), On the Corner Where You Live (2018), and their most recent album, Roses (2021). Their EPs are Woodland (2011) and Young North (2012). But now their new album is on its way. At the Roadhouse is releasing on September 1st, 2023.

The Paper Kites are currently on tour. You can purchase tickets via the band’s website.

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