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The Metaverse: A New Way To See Music Concerts

Credit: Cloud Cover Music

While some wouldn’t think that virtual concerts could become popular, January 2024 is the month for virtual music. From artists like Doja Cat, Jack Harlow, Jung Kook and Jorja Smith, fans can have front-row seats to these artists’ concerts without leaving their living room. With Doja Cat in particular, Metaverse partnered with the Diamond Bros to produce and direct an exciting, immersive concert experience. These concerts are also completely free for Quest headset owners, always giving a front-row seat to of any concert. Fans are fully immersed in the show-stopping experience. 

With Doja Cat, her Metaverse concert experience is the sold-out show in Detroit during her debut arena tour. The show itself includes the artist’s most popular songs, including “Paint the Town Read,” “Agora Hills,” “Woman” and so much more. It also includes the moment with the gigantic spider that loomed above the stage, as well as the full band and pyrotechnics. The show will be available starting Saturday, January 20th, at 5:00 PM in the Meta Horizon Worlds Music Valley. It is part of the Meta Horizons Music Valley Worlds series. 

The Metaverse concert idea is fairly new, and is continuing to gain traction. Singer Elton John recently collaborated with Roblox, a gaming and virtual reality platform that allows for concerts in the Metaverse. His first virtual show was at the end of his 2023 tour when he hosted a ten-minute virtual live show. John told Hypebae how the Metaverse was a way for artists to offer more to fans. “It’s a new world that allows fans and creators to be themselves completely.” As the year 2024 is full of new opportunities for music, it will be interesting to see how popular Metaverse concerts become throughout the year.

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