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Doja Cat’s Fourth Studio Album “Scarlet” Is Finally Here

Doja Cat Breaks Spotify Record

Controversial rapper, singer, and songwriter Doja Cat unleashes her fourth studio album, Scarlet. Despite all the recent backlash, “Paint The Town Red” hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The pop/rap track secured the number one spot for a week before being dethroned by Olivia Rodrigo’s “vampire.” This week, Doja broke the record for the most Spotify monthly listeners for a female rapper with over 70M.


Impressively, Doja’s fourth studio album Scarlet is entirely featureless and self-written. Exploring rap subgenres from jazz to punk, the 17-track solo LP touches on topics from public scrutiny to being in love. The “Attention” artist raps more than she ever has on previous albums. And, she does not hold back, showing no remorse while bashing the haters. 

Previously released tracks “Paint The Town Red,” followed by “Demons,” kick-off Scarlet with a fiery introduction. And Doja does not slow her roll on the autotuned track “Wet V****a,” where she is trash-talking, boasting, and utterly unapologetic. She even slides in what could be interpreted as a diss to the Kardashians. “Tell me why ol’ shorty walkin’ like she got a stick in her a** / And pretty face, plastic, it’s givin’ Kardashian.” She brushes off the criticism around her boyfriend, being kicked out of the Met Gala, and doesn’t care about winning more trophies. “Kick me out the Met, but I really run fashion,” Doja raps. 

After shaking the room with her whimsical and bold single “Attention” in June, Doja Cat channels the devil in “Paint The Town Red.”
@dojacat via Instagram.

Then, on the short and sweet Scarlet track “Ouchies,” Doja oozes confidence, flowing with ease and hungrier than ever. “A hunnid billies, I’m the G.O.A.T, no Eilish,” she mentions Grammy-winning singer Billie Eilish. 

Fifth Single, “Agora Hills”

Earl on the Beat-produced single “Agora Hills” sees Doja debut a new valley girl alter ego on the verses. She raps about being lovestruck and wanting to flaunt her partner to the world. “Agora Hills” has one of the catchier choruses on Scarlet, with a revelation that Doja is ready to “tie the knot.” She continues to be smitten on “Can’t Wait,” rapping sweet nothings and proving her undying love for her boyfriend. “When you’re feelin’ like the lowest thing that no one even wants / I wanna write you poetry and jokes and even songs / I hope this lasts forever or at least ’til we a hundred.” 

Her defense against the haters on the 10cc-sampled “Shutcho” is she’s richer, thick, and her life is full of blessings. Subsequently, she addresses the rumors that she “sold her soul” on the fourteenth track on Scarlet, “Skull And Bones.” “The only thing I sold was a record / The only thing I folded under was pressure,” Doja raps. “Y’all been pushin’ ‘Satan this’ and ‘Satan that’ / My fans is yellin’, ‘Least she rich,’ you need that pact,” she continues. The chorus consists of light and feathery vocals with soothing falsettos.

On the final Scarlet track, “WYM Freestyle,” Doja Cat finishes off her roasting spree. She claims longevity in her music career and dangles her lavish life above her trolls’ heads. “Got a lifelong career, you make a living / I got a overflow of trophies, you ain’t winning.”

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