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Neck Deep Release Self-Titled, Pop-Punk Album

Neck Deep, The Band and The Album

The Welsh pop-punk band Neck Deep has just released a new album. Released by Hopeless Records, the album is self-titled. It clocks in at 33 minutes with its ten tracks.

Frontman and vocalist Ben Barlow spoke with Kerrang! about how the band views their music, as well as themselves. “Music in general is pretty serious these days,” Barlow said. “Most of the time, people want to big themselves up in music; they want to flex and brag about the s*** they do. Whereas we’re not trying to do that. We’ve never really paraded ourselves as, like, famous people – we’re five dudes talking about how stupid we are, but having a bunch of fun doing it. And I think that’s an influence from pop-punk in general, and from bands like blink-182: don’t take yourselves too seriously. They’re people that I would want to hang out with, and people that seem real and not like celebrities. It’s just about trying to keep it real as much as we can.”

Neck Deep. Credit: Hopeless Records
Credit: Hopeless Records

In Neck Deep, the band returns to their classic sound. This makes fans both nostalgic for Neck Deep’s early days, as well as excited for Neck Deep’s next step in their musical journey.

Part of that next step is the band’s big performance in March of this year. Neck Deep is headlining at the Alexandra Palace, also known as the Ally Pally. They’ll be in London for the show on March 28. Tickets for their performance at the Ally Pally are available on their website here. You can also find other shows and concerts they’ll be doing up until June 29, where their last listed show so far is at Vainstream 2024 in Germany.

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