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The Maine Continues To ‘Stick’ To The Beat

The Maine must have the formula for a ‘sticky’ song, because their new track is super catchy. We can’t wait to see what else sticks from these revolutionary alternative rockers.

In addition to an album on the way, and a confirmed tour date as early as August 7, the group released their lead single last week, “Sticky,” with a colorful and vibrant music video. This past Saturday, they performed hits like  “Into Your Arms,” featuring Sydney Sprague, during the livestream concert, XOXO.

The rock band from Tempe, Arizona has come a long way since their start in 2008 and are just now emerging. Their eighth studio project, XOXO: From Love & Anxiety in Real Time, is set to drop July 9, 2021. The band isn’t wasting any time on sharing their sonic vocals and rhythmic guitar riffs with the world.

On the same day, they will also be in Orlando kicking off the Sad Summer Festival. The 14-stop event will feature other alt rockers, including All Time Low, The Story So Far, Movement, and Grayscale.

Staying In The Maine Lane

As far The Maine goes, it seems like we are entering a new era of greatness. The pop-inspired vocals from frontman John O’Callaghan helps give perspective to the band. Rightfully so, too, as XOXO: From Love And Anxiety In Real Time marks The Maine’s first time (since 2010’s Black & White), that O’Callaghan has collaborated on songs with people outside of the band.

The Maine has been pretty quite since the release of  You Are OK. To their credit, back in August 2019, they released their Live At The Orpheum Theatre EP, as well as having performed via livestream.

The band officially put away their gold suits and have said goodbye to the You Are OK era during their ‘Flowers On The Grave’ livestream. It is now time for an experimental and fresh version of the consistently talented alternative rock band.

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