The Magnum Opus of EDEN: “Call Me Back”

It’s been a hot minute since I got to talk about my boy EDEN. That said, if you’ve been following my writings on him, then you’d know that this song is special. Call Me Back is, in my opinion, EDEN’s magnum opus. It completely understands and shows the themes EDEN has had in his music since way back when. I started listening to him about seven years ago and this is everything that he’s been building towards. Let’s take a dip, shall we? 

“Call Me Back” Is Perfect: 

First things first, the word “eden” signifies: paradise. I’ve said this before, but EDEN as an artist is one who is seeking that paradise. His music is his journey in finding it. The majority of it riddles in themes of loneliness, purpose, and above all else-connection and love. For ICYMI and “Call Me Back,” it’s all about losing it under the lens of a more mature person that yearns to keep it. 

“Nowhere feels like home,” 

That is really it. Illustrated beautifully in the “Call Me Back” music video, we follow a woman who goes to a variety of places; she fits nowhere. There’s a longing in her expressions; it’s obvious. EDEN in “Call Me Back” sings about wishing the best for his ex-lover and how he’s become lost. And the video perfectly mirrors that. Then, you’re taken away by the beautiful production. Guitar strings give you the feeling that everything is genuine, eventually swelling up before the tape changes. At that point, you hear the sounds of birds chirping, and an electronic sound building up slowly. Eventually, you understand that everything has been building toward the fact that nowhere feels like home.

Never lacking in imagery, and really nailing every other aspect that comes with music, EDEN delivers a truly perfect experience with “Call Me Back.” Go and give it a listen! Give the album a listen too by clicking here. For more on your favorites and unknowns check out our Word and Drops sections.

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