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The Japanese House Drops New Single “Boyhood.”

Cover art for the Japanese House's drop new single "Boyhood."

English indie pop band, The Japanese House, dropped their new single “Boyhood.” The new song was released on Thursday, March 30th and already has over 1.5 million listeners on Spotify. Artist Amber Mary Bain, more professionally known as the Japanese House, has returned to music after 3 years! The last fans saw of her was the release of her most popular album “Good At Falling” back in March of 2019and her EP “Chewing Cotton Wool.” Two weeks ago the artist teased her return to music by announcing on Instagram commenting “Get ready to :’).”

The Japanese House Instagram announcement for return to music with new single.

“Boyhood” is a Single for the Girls and Gays

This dream pop single has hit our hearts to the core and is a Bain staple of being emotional and honest. As it stands now, “Boyhood” is changing everything. Spotify has put the song in the Indie shuffle, it has reached BBC News’ New Music Fix, and HitRadioUk’s top pride play single.

“Boyhood” is certainly something to celebrate. Whether you’re a hopeless nostalgic who loved previous hits from the Japanese House, or this is your first listen: here’s why we love it. The song has familiar melodies, light airy drums, and more ingenious lyrics from Amber Bain. Bain has also tied the song to enticing visuals of horseback riding in an open field. But I believe that it’s in her lyrics that we can begin to understand why the song is so good.

I hope you know

I could have been somebody who

You wanted to hold

I should have jumped when you told me to

I wanna change, but it’s nothing new.

And if I grow, I’m gonna get so old

Will you hold me like you always do?

Final chorus from The Japanese House’s new single “Boyhood.”

When The Japanese House dropped this new single, I doubt anyone was expecting lyrics to hit that hard and that close to home. For some of us, especially now as we get close to Pride month, this song is refuge. As if no time has passed at all, this song is a welcome feeling as if we’re home safe. Delving on topics of being your true self, and fear of being too late, “Boyhood” is a must-listen. Stream “Boyhood” on all platforms!! Music video is now available on YouTube!

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