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“The Idol” Season Recap: Between What It Was and What It Could Have Been

What worked and what didn’t

The Idol has come to an end with episode 5. The critics didn’t fall in love with the first season of The Weeknd & Sam Levison’s tv series. And most likely we won’t see a season 2 of the show. 

An unexpected failure probably also due to the huge hype that was around before the series aired officially. Also a shame because – as others have said – yes the series had its flaws (mainly a plot which is not as powerful as its contents) but also a lot of good points. 

First of all, some really valid acting performances: Lily-Rose Depp as Jocelyn, Suzanna Son as Chloe, Rachel Sennott as Leia, as well as the participation of Eli Roth (Inglourious Basterds). Also the fact that The Idol has introduced some very promising musicians. Like the R&B singer Moses Sumney and the songwriter/producer Ramsey. 

The Idol’s Episode 5

The Idol’s last episode actually sets a breaking point in the storyline, and that is because of the separation between the two main characters Joselyn and Tedros. Joselyn finds out how his partner got in touch with her (basically Tedros knew one of Joselyn’s dancers and organized a meeting at his club pretending it was all random) and decides to continue her path without Tedros. Professionally and romantically. 

Joselyn is finally on her own without being manipulated. She got her confidence back and is now ready for the tour – previously canceled because of her breakdown. In the firsts episodes indeed, Joselyn had lost all her creativity after the loss of her mom (who we’ll find out later she was an abuser), and with his weird practices Tedros had somehow managed to solve all this. 

Everything’s fine between the two, until Jos finds out about his partner’s deception and mysterious past. And here comes the final break. Joselyn tells his manager to pay Tedros so he will leave her. He refuses, but is forced to stay away from the girl against his will. 

In the final episode we see Jos ready to perform at the Sofi Stadium in LA with Tedros’ artists to open the concert. Not before Tedros, who hasn’t seen Joselyn in a year, goes to the entrance of the stadium and asks for a VIP pass. Jos surprisingly reserved a pass to Mauricio Jackson (Tedros real name), and the man went to talk to her in the artist’s room. 

Moral of the story: Joselyn has now everything, but “all of this makes no sense without him.” The two reunite and at the end Joselyn introduce Tedros to his public saying he’s the love of her life and the reason why she was able to keep going during the tough times. 


The Idol, between what it was and what could have been. Concluding the review of the finale of the first season, let’s go back to reflecting on the skills of Lily Rose-Depp, and on the aesthetics of Sam Levinson (sometimes too much). Last but not least, on a production perhaps misunderstood or perhaps too much discussed. That might be enough, but the premise of the first two episodes seemed to point to something very special.

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