The Chainsmokers Woke Up in ‘Self Destruction Mode’

The Chainsmokers have enlisted the help of indie singer-songwriter bludnyph to creating a haunting hit in “Self Destruction Mode.”

The Chainsmokers’ Potential Return to the Top of the Charts?

In their latest track, The Chainsmokers employ many of the production skills and lyricism that propelled them into mainstream media all those years ago. “Self Destruction Mode” is an honest revelation from the EDM duo featuring an incredibly eerie, yet intriguing sound right off the bat. It’s a welcome approach and a smart collaboration with bludnymph’s vocals added on the track. Despite being released only a few days ago on June 2nd, “Self Destruction Mode” has the bare bones of a hit song that’ll surely top the charts. However, it’s a tough call to make, with the charts currently dominated by country, hip-hop, and latin artists. Perhaps this is the track to put electronic music back in the running?

Lyrically,”Self Destruction Mode” is a haunting cry for help. The track depicts the sickly-sweet feeling of being consumed by the dark side and having no desire to find the light. While you know something (or someone) is bad for you, there’s a part of you that just can’t help it. In the chorus, this theme carries on:

“I woke up in self-destruction mode / I press go and I do it again / I love my sins, they’re all I know / We got closer than all of my friends”

Chorus of “Self Destruction Mode” by the Chainsmokers

Throughout the track, The Chainsmokers and bludnymph breathe life into the world of bitter indulgence. In terms of production, the EDM duo outdid themselves in a way that is reminiscent of their earlier tracks. In this way, it feels like the return of something great in regards to pop electronic music. It’s familiar and new, all at once.

Watch the track come to life in the official music video for “Self Destruction Mode” down below. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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