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Cousins Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar Drop Surprise Collaboration ‘The Hillbillies’

Cousins and match made in hip hop heaven Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar collaborate for the fourth time with “The Hillbillies.” The surprise single follows Kendrick’s feature on Beyonce’s “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM” released last month. In contrast to their previous collaborations, the two take an unexpected approach rapping over a dance-centric hip hop beat. 

Baby Keem And Kendrick Lamar Experiment With Jersey Club

In fact, “The Hillbillies” samples Bon Iver’s “PDLIF” which may explain why the track is not available on streaming services as of today (June 2). Kendrick and Keem ride the Jersey Club wave, which has found success in recent years notably with Drake’s Honestly Nevermind LP and Lil Uzi Vert’s smash hit “Just Wanna Rock.” With contagious high energy and charisma, the duo creates a fun club record for the Summer. 

“The Hillbillies” was met with comparisons to Drake’s flow on “Sticky” from his June 2022 album Honestly, Nevermind. But, Keem himself actually called the track “Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar – The Hillbillies (Sticky Dub)” via Twitter. Others read the similarities of the two songs as a diss because of Kendrick’s on-going beef with Drake while some believe it to be a tribute. 

“The Hillbillies” Talk Women, Fame and Fashion

In the spoken word introduction, Lamar notes that he makes investments in real estate, rather than materialistic items. He also refers to himself as the “Tiny Taz Arn” comparing his fashion sense to Sa-Ra member and hip-hop producer Taz Arnold. 

Keem and Lamar make an incredible duo because of their personal connection and shared artistic vision. The chemistry is undeniable. Keem is able to bring out a different side of Kendrick, where he doesn’t take himself too seriously. “The Hillbillies” chant back and forth about women, fame, designer clothes and compare themselves to football forwards Neymar and Messi. “They gon’ think that you rep me, girl, 5’7″, I’m Messi, girl (Here right now)/ I’ma pass you to Neymar, he got time for your bestie, girl.”

Out of the blue “The Hillbillies” was released through the pgLang YouTube channel on May 30. The Neal Farmer-directed music video is informal and spontaneous, compiled of clips of the Kendrick and Keem. The cousins dance around on a baseball field, private jet, amusement park, and more. Even more, the video captures a surprise cameo of rapper Tyler, The Creator. 

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