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“Sick of It”: the Break of Illinoisan Songwriter Kate Stephenson

Kate Stephenson is finally out with her new drop, after almost a year from the last one. The Illinoisan singer-songwriter, who’s one of our fav TikTok artists and main characters of this week’s Music Daily Discovery, has chosen a different sound for her return.

The various influences of “Sick of it”

“Sick of It,” besides remembering the music of the MTV generation, shows Kate’s various talents. She’s not anymore (or, better, not only) a girl with a great voice and more feelings, but much more. “Sick of It” has a bit of Billie Eilish, a bit of 2000’s alternative rock and a bit of the old Kate.

It’s a good mix for everyone’s taste, especially her fans. Besides, in the art cover, there’s also what is probably a quote to the historic logo of The Sex Pistols. Now, without being blasphemous, we could find some things in common between Kate and Johnny Rotten’s group. The punk rock band was born as an answer to what was classic during the ’70s, and Kate Stephenson is, in a different way, almost equally a break. Obviously with different dimensions, intentions and numbers.

The young artist is hard to be cataloged in a genre, and she’s now trying to move away from what she did before. If you listen to the last album “Growing up in Reverse” and then “Sick of It,” you’ll probably say something like: “no way it’s the same person.” But guess what… it is. Kate Stephenson might be a hidden gem, one to watch for the future. It’ll also depend on how she’s gonna handle her career, which now proceeds slowly but in a positive way.

Sick of it” is the first project of 2022, and we can’t wait for other stuff to come. Intimate, chill, rock… who knows also about the various palette of the next drops. In the meantime, just give Kate’s music a chance, for sure it won’t be a waste of time.

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