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After releasing multiple singles like NOT TODAY, THE BLSSM walks through 2022 with their new EP, “PURE ENERGY.”

THE BLSSM not today

Child of the rock legend Diesel, THE BLSSM is an Australian singer, songwriter and musician. Colourful and, as they say, maximalist, the artist has been walking their way through music since 2020, when they released her KILL MY MIND. Now, after sharing some singles, they finally produced and published their second EP, “PURE ENERGY.


With strong guitars and rhythms reminiscent of early 2000s pop punk, THE BLSSM creates a sound that identifies their own music among others. With a roaring and recognizable voice, the artist, especially on this EP, has created sounds that refer to artists like Avril Lavigne. Moreover, in some aspects of the album, some characteristics that identify the pop from the first years of the new millennium that are also recalled. Some passages are also reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s 1989 era. In particular, the single NOT TODAY represents THE BLSSM’s music, with fast “Travis Barker” drums, a central bassline and a roaring guitar. Her broken voice comes out as very strong at the same time.

In the entire album, this musicality is associated with profound meanings that are close to the artist. In fact, they use music as a means of expressing their deepest feelings, and the album turns out to be a deep self-analysis. Among the tracks is a vibe of anxiety, dizziness and sense of smallness which are particularly relevant.

Lyrics like “Swimmin’ in a fish bowl of anxiety” from I HATE SUNDAY or “Are you anxious? I can feel it, too” from DIZZY, perfectly summarise the content of the record.

2022 TOUR

THE BLSSM has also announced a new tour to introduce her new release. The tour includes 11 dates. The artist will cover North America from Seattle to Washington DC, from Charlotte, NC, to Las Vegas. The tour has already launched! On May 27, THE BLSSM performed in Portland. Then, she will cross the United States and Canada through Summer and Autumn, finally arriving in Columbia, MD.

Find more information and get your tickets here!

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