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The 1975 & Being Funny In A Foreign Language

Being Funny In A Foreign Language

The 1975 is back, baby! I’m so excited to say that their latest album Being Funny In A Foreign Language, is exactly what I’ve been waiting for since their sophomore album. It’s no secret that the previous two albums are mixed at best. It’s not to say that there aren’t any gems in there. However, overall they hit such a high point with I Like It When You Sleep, that Notes and Brief Inquiry just seemed like they fell off. It seemed like the exaggerated pop sound with existential dread became their bread and butter. Add on analyzing their world with the greatest tracks focused on love and connection, and you got what makes The 1975 themselves. So let’s take a look at the handful of tracks that really make this concise album a banger! It’s your friendly neighborhood writer, Juan, and this is Being Funny In A Foreign Language

“The 1975”

The starter track is one that a lot of people miss out on or skip because it’s not very captivating. “The 1975” is a status update for the band, where they establish the world they’ll be living in for however long the album is. It started off with a raw and somewhat pretentious rationalizing of youth. Then, it became an artificial view of the same view, and eventually… they grew up. For Being Funny In A Foreign Language Matty Healy took a look at previous works and acknowledged all its shortcomings. Then he simply empathizes with modern youth. Which is just great! 

“Looking For Somebody (To Love)” 

Do you miss extra fun songs from the English band that perfectly encapsulated heartbreak and love? Well boy do I NOT have the song for you! The 1975 absolutely rocked this fantastically simple but wonderfully deep track that alludes to modern masculinity and gun violence. All under the guise of a love song is a juxtaposition that can be really uncomfortable for some, but it has important topics. 

“Oh Caroline” 

“Oh Caroline” is a classic love song in every shape and form. This beautifully composed and performed song is all about being completely and utterly in love with someone! However, it wouldn’t be a love song from The 1975 without a dark undertone! So, in this one, through all the immaculate production, this love is all-consuming and detrimental for whoever’s singing. It isn’t about Matty, this one’s for anyone who feels that way. 

“When We Are Together” 

The closer “When We Are Together,” is absolutely fantastic. The song encapsulates Healy’s relationships and their subsequent ends. It’s acoustic-folk and with the soft vocals from Healy just hits different for me. The line, “The only time I feel I might get better is when we are together,” is definitely a tear-jerker. It spoke to me in a way that made me cry and call my girlfriend to say “I love you”.

Above all, this album is a 10 outta 10 from me. Have you also been waiting for a return to form from The 1975? Then I completely recommend Being Funny In A Foreign Language


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The 1975 is Growing Up with “All I Need to Hear”

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