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Jagwar Twin Releases Latest Alt Rock Album, ‘33’

Jagwar Twin has just released his newest album, 33.

The Beginning of Jagwar Twin

jagwar twin fabien montique
Photo Credit: Fabien Montique

Brandon Wronski, aka Roy English, or Jagwar Twin, is an artist who’s been around since the early 2000s. First and foremost, he was part of several different bands before going solo. Jagwar Twin has, however, stayed within the same music sound for the most part. Alt rock and alt pop seem to come naturally to him. Several of his songs do have some of an 80s pop influence to them, which makes an interesting combination.

jagwar twin '33' album cover

His debut song under the name Jagwar Twin came out in 2018. “Loser” instantly became a favorite for alt music lovers to listen to. Jagwar Twin’s album Subject To Flooding came out soon after that.

Since then, he’s released a bit of music every year. 33, his newest album, actually includes 3 singles that were all released in the past two years.


Jagwar Twin’s 33 is a ten track alternative music album, with bits of retro sounds sprinkled in.

33 starts off with the song “Online” which has a dystopian, satirical, self-aware feel to it. Some notable lyrics include, “And they know my every step/They infiltrate my brain/But it’s okay,” and “Internet is like a web and we’re the Spider’s food.” Further, the chorus of the song really embodies that self-aware, satirical feeling: “Cause you can get it online/Everyone loves the internet/And when you get it online/You feel good.”

Check out Jagwar Twin’s “Online” music video below!

jagwar twin "happy face"

As aforementioned, 33 by Jagwar Twin has songs that were singles from previous years. One of those being “Happy Face,” from December 2020. “Happy Face” is about toxic positivity. You should always look happy and keep your more “negative” feelings inside. The second verse contains lyrics, “Say you’re good, say you’re fine/Tell ‘em everything’s alright,” echo that toxic positivity. “Happy Face” points out how invalidating it is to hear that unhappy emotions should be ignored and unseen.

Check out the music video for “Happy Face” from 33 below!

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