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The 1975 is Growing Up with “All I Need to Hear”

The building blocks of hype for The 1975 and their new album just keep coming out. With the latest of which being a pretty long music video for their simultaneously released single “All I Need to Hear.” It’s surprisingly soft and a bit of a departure from the previous two fantastic singles, but the themes remained the same. Will this be a miss or a hit? Let’s find out! 


The 1975 is Getting Gentler: 

Three minutes of personal introspection being capped off with a disconnection of it, then it cuts to the main stage. The 1975, specifically frontman Matty Healy, has always been honest about things. With age has become far more open to express sincere feelings of longing. On top of that, there’s a better understanding of what’s truly important in life. All that is encompassed in this song, as it goes into the one thing we all need: love. Yep, we’ve got ANOTHER love song, folks! For the couple of you that groaned or scoffed at the thought of The 1975 treading this oh-so familiar ground, stop it. This one’s got an interesting twist. Similar to “Be My Mistake” and “Somebody Else,” this one’s about love in different ways. The former being about a casual hookup during a relationship, and the latter being about missing an ex. 

Thankfully, “All I Need To Hear” is about realizing that the person beside you is truly what you need in life. Not the fame and fortune, but the love and connection of that special someone. It’s a clear sign of growing up, especially since “Somebody Else” literally has a line that says: 


“Get someone you love, someone you need, 

Fuck that get money” 


Ain’t that something? For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.  

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