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Thalia Is A “Psycho B***h” And She’s Back!

It’s the original Queen of Latin Pop and Thalia is back! This woman’s got fun written all over her, even if she’s a self-proclaimed “Psycho B**ch.” Let’s get into it! 


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With my recent exposure to the Hispanic side of the music industry I’ve come to one incredible conclusion. That even though the mainstream can prop up shallow glorifications of sex, there’s still an amazing variety to be found. The latest to add onto this is Thalia. Yep, just one name. Definitely not to confuse you with your cousin, my cousin, or any one else’s cousin twice removed.

Thalia Is Energetic & Fun: 

From the very first note and lyric Thalia sung, I could feel my head bobbing up and down. When you can get me from the start you already know you got something special. Now, that doesn’t make this the next Beethoven or Mozart. It makes it the return of a Queen. What it really is, is an astronomically fun and somewhat petty song that’s got you dancing the whole time. That bass line does 60% of the work and I’m not mad at that! Then, a saxophone comes in and completely takes you away.  

What about Thalia’s vocals? Honestly, while her cadence is relatively the same throughout the song, Thalia guides the music fantastically. Next, the lyrics are simple and effective. They won’t have you thinking late at night, but you’ll definitely be singing along! Moreover, that’s really all I can ask for from a first exposure standpoint. Hook me in, then we’ll see how deep we can go. 

Make sure to give “Psycho B***h” by Thalia a full listen on YouTube by clicking here or above. For more on your favorites and unknowns check out our Word and Drops sections.

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