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Taylor Swift Writes “Carolina” For ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’

Taylor Swift’s song “Carolina,” which will be part of the soundtrack for Where the Crawdads Sing, has finally been released in full.


where the crawdads sing
‘Where the Crawdads Sing.’ ( Sony Pictures Entertainment / Everett Collection)

Taylor Swift has created the song “Carolina” for the upcoming film Where the Crawdads Sing. In an Instagram post from this past March, the singer-songwriter said that she was first introduced to the poignant mystery drama by the book of the same name. Where the Crawdads Sing, by Delia Owens, inspired the film that Swift got the chance to write an original song for. Both the book and the film tell the story of Catherine “Kya” Clarke, a North Carolina marsh girl who becomes the suspect for the murder of a man.

In “Carolina,” Swift weaves together an unforgettable melody with poignant, poetic lyrics. Her breathy vocals are accompanied by an array of simple, yet powerful, acoustic instruments. She sings about things “only Carolina knows.” Listen to the haunting song below.

Taylor Swift is Expanding Her Storytelling

Swift is still continuing to make a name for herself. Everyone knows the name “Taylor Swift” for award-winning albums and show-stopping songs. However, they are now being introduced to the new facets of “Taylor Swift.”

Swift recently spoke in a panel at the Tribeca Film Festival about the making of All Too Well: The Short Film. Audiences and fans recognize that Swift put so much thought and care into her directorial debut. She spoke clearly and thoughtfully about her motivations, strategies, and techniques. Swift even said she would love to write and direct a full-length film.

While Swift was already reaching listeners through her songs of love and heartbreak, Folklore and Evermore saw Swift reaching listeners a different way. Some of her songs were still about love and heartbreak, but Swift created stories through her lyrics. She told stories that were more personal to her, and stories that inspired her. With its eerie, folk-pop sound, “Carolina” is very reminiscent of both Folklore and Evermore. This sound Swift has discovered for herself has clearly opened up a new aspect of songwriting for her. It lends itself to the lyrical, storytelling genius that is Taylor Swift.

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